Шасси DPC-4-800 для использования распределительных устройств от JUCRO Electric

группа замок и шарнир
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Время обновления 2019-12-03
Chassis DPC-4-800 for use with switchgear from JUCRO Electric


Special description of car chassis:

a, car chassis DPC-4-800 / G: this type of car chassis only increases the function of closing the door, that is, when the door is open, you can not insert a handle to shake the car chassis, only the top □ can shake, the lock function does not need changing the door.

b, chassis DPC-4-800 / S: this type of car chassis adds a locking function based on element a, that is, when the hand truck leaves the test position, the door is locked, it does not open, only the test returns Position, the door can be opened, the lock function must change the door.

DPC Port Chassis Order Instructions

1. Indicate chassis model, lock code, auxiliary switch specifications, grounding method, etc.

2. The specification of the auxiliary switch refers to the specification of the auxiliary switch itself (that is, the specification before the chassis is installed).
Usually 5 groups, 6 groups of contacts, can also provide 10 sets of contacts (consisting of 2 additional switches in series)

3.24kV car chassis only travel from 200 mm to 300 mm, the rest unchanged, plus / X300 after the original model.

4. If there are special requirements, please contact our factory.

Detailed Images
The main technical parameter
Product number
DPC- □ -800
Product number
DPC- □ -800
DPC- □ -1000
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