Вакуумный прерыватель JUC2311 12KV 1250A для VCB вакуумный выключатель использования от JUCRO

группа Вакуумный прерыватель
ценаUS $79-80 / piece
MOQ 1 piece
Способ платежа L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Время обновления 2019-11-13
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Main technical parameters
Rated voltage
12 kV
Sustained lightning impulse voltage (peak value)
85 kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1 min)
48 kV
Rated frequency
50 / 60Hz
Rated current
1250 A
Rated short-time withstand current
Rated Short Circuit Duration
Rated peak withstand current
Rated Short Circuit Current
Rated short-circuit breaking current
Rated short circuit making current (peak value)
2 0 times
Rated short time withstand current
31.5 kA
Rated breaking current of one capacitor block
630A *
Capacitor feedback current rating
400A *
Mechanical life
1 0000 times
Clearance between opening contacts
11 +/- 1mm
Trailing force due to bellows and atmosphere
110 +/- 40N
The force required to open contacts in full swing
210 +/- 40N
Circuit resistance at low rated contact force
16 μΩ
Contact Abrasion Limit
Mass of moving parts
Internal pressure
1.33 * 10-3 Pa
Shelf life
20 years
Rated working sequence
Mechanical requirements of the vacuum circuit breaker
Average opening speed
1.1 ± 0.2m / s
Average closing speed
0.6 ± 0.2m / s
Rated pressure contacts
3300 ± 300N
Contacts bouncing duration when closing operation
≤2 ms
Synchronization of closing and opening of contacts
≤1 ms
Contact pressure rating
2000 ± 300N
Contact pressure at contact point
1400 ± 30N
Max. Re-bounce contact when opening
Opening time
Vacuum Interrupter Workshop
Accept custom order.
Create a vacuum interrupter for you.
VCB Production Line
VCB Vacuum Circuit Breakers Production Line.
VCB Production Line
VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker Production Line, Engineering Inspection.
Quality checking
Thorough inspection of each product, guaranteed quality
completely recording the data of the whole process, all product data can be traced.
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